How To Play

Have you ever used Jukebox? It's now available with Digital Jukebox.
Play this Jukebox App by joining as a User and your community as an Admin.

What is Admin?

Admin acts as an online music player, so that all Users can request any songs. As Admin, you can also create playlist tailored to your needs. Without the presence of Admin in your location range, User(s) can not sign in to this Jukebox App. *Free music app

What is Admin needs?

PC + Internet Connection are the perfect combination to access this Digital Jukebox Music App. Make sure your PC is well connected with speaker(s) so that your playlist sounds great.


What is User?

User can request any songs they want in Jukebox App. To request a song, you have to do it alternately with your friends. .You can also enjoy other features offered in this Music App that makes you get closer with others. *Free music app

What is User needs?

You only need a Smartphone and internet connection. Access Jukebox Music App and registered yourself as a User. No need to worry of running out of internet quota.

Jukebox 5D Feature

Welcome to the New Era of Digital Jukebox.
Imagine features that can express yourself towards Music

Weekly Trends

Get to know 10 best songs that are mostly requested by all Users in every week.

Chat Lounge

Let's have a great chit chat to Admin and other Users simply via online chat. Express your words with cute emoticon!

Top User

Be one of the best 5 Persons who are mostly active and request many songs in your community! Show them who the boss is.


Show your music taste to others! Share your �now playing song� to your friends in Social Media by clicking "share".


Guess you don't like the 'now playing song'? Play the next song by asking other Users to skip it. It will be automatically skipped after getting 3 skips or more.


Love the song? Play it again by asking 4 Users or more to click 'love'. The song will be automatically played in the playlist.

Online Users

Do you want to know who are online? Let's simply find out here!


Show what you are feeling about your song thru Caption. Let others know your current mood and feeling.

Edit Profile

Set your best Profile Picture and Edit Profile, so that others are more curious about you!


Get It On your Smartphone

Enjoy the easiest way to play Jukebox 5D Music App

Download Jukebox 5D Free Music App on your mobile.
Not using Smartphone? Simply access this Jukebox App on

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Admin Jukebox 5D

Do you want to enjoy using the Digital Jukebox as a User?
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